Day 206: Interviews

I’m hiring someone! It’s not my first time hiring interns, or as we call them, apprentices (due to the high level of responsibility they take on while in this educational position). It’s also not my first time hiring an apprentice for this company, but today is the first time I’ve had two hours of interviews (4 half hour introductory ones) in a row.

It requires stamina and the ability to hit the reset button for each person. I really enjoyed talking to most people, hearing about their background and goals. Some, like me, have worked in many areas of theater and are still finding their way while others are extremely focused on one aspect of theater. I understand and respect both, yet I look at it a little differently from the hiring perspective than, say, a mentor perspective. Except that for an educational position, I should be both, supervisor and mentor.

I’m looking forward to continuing to develop my skills as both and to bringing much-needed new member on to the team!


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