Day 216: Outdoor Cooking, Book Club

It’s finally beautiful in Chicago which means it is time to cook outdoors. Sunday for “book club” friends hosted everyone, grilled veggie, turkey and cow burgers, and showed off the newly decorated nursery. They even made a chocolate bourbon cake with strawberry frosting and a strawberry glaze!

All this to make up for the fact that book club is totally defunct. No one is reading the books. No one has any time. People are traveling and working and having children and expanding their businesses and going outside. And that is just fine, although I have enjoyed reading books that I might not otherwise have found. I may take on the rest of the reading list alone or maybe I’ll finally finish Game of Thrones…

Regardless of book club destruction, I had a lovely evening of grilled meats, summer salads and friends.



One thought on “Day 216: Outdoor Cooking, Book Club

  1. Susan says:

    This made me chuckle, Sarah…even though my book club members are much older WE have the same issues! Talking about travels, growing families and life in general over rides the time to READ the designated books. We have become a gourmet dinner group that sometimes reads:)! BUT we always have lots to share and contemplate!
    Enjoy times spent with friends!

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