Day 215: Walk Progress

Elphie and I walked alone today and went 2.31 miles! It took us 41 minutes, 19 seconds with a minutes per mile average of 17 minutes, 51 seconds. Again, I know all of this because of Map My Walk, which I mentioned last week in my first post about walk training.

MMW uses GPS to track my walk as I go and saves all of my data from every walk I’ve recorded. I can look back through the history to see if I’m improving my mile time, if I’m habitually taking the same route, or if I am actually walking as much as I think I am. I can even specify between dog walk (at times more erratic with pauses) and regular walk (better pace control, no pauses). MMW keeps me honest and motivates me to do better.

I was pretty proud of the 2.31 miles today. My knees aren’t to keen on it now but that is something I’m continuing to work on. I just love the feeling of getting stronger for the Arthritis Walk!

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