Day 218: FroYo

FroYo was last summer’s hottest dessert trend and I am excited that so many places have remained in business over Chicago’s extended winter. Tonight was the perfect night to take a stroll through Andersonville while eating FroYo from Forever Yogurt.

Self-serve in many delicious flavors with rows and rows of optional toppings (you pay by weight, not variety of items), I mean, what could be better? I went with cake batter under dark chocolate which I then covered in graham cracker crumbs. Usually I go for a little Cap’n Crunch on top, but I decided to try the brownie bites. (They are not as good, so I’ll stick with the CC next time). The hubs went healthier with traditional vanilla covered in fruit and peanuts. Ok, fine, he also had some salted caramel popcorn flavor that wasn’t all that tasty. I was hoping to try their thin mint–I’ve only heard amazing rumors about it–but they didn’t have it today. So I’ll probably have to go again. Very soon.

Oh, I’m just glad it’s finally Spring and I can eat delicious cold desserts out of doors!


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