Day 232: Froyo To Go

Ok I am officially writing too much about frozen yogurt. It’s become a big part of my life. My friend texts me when he wants it and we go. Weeknights, weekends its our social outing. We walk around Andersonville with froyo spying on all the other froyo eaters and avoiding that guy who is always cornering people to try and sell his cd.

Tonight, the froyo text is a group text. We meet several people at the Andersonville Forever Yogurt. However, we have other friends who cannot come at that moment. They jokingly request froyo to go. And we deliver. Cake batter and strawberry with Oreos and blueberries. French vanilla with cookie dough, brownie bites, marshmallow fluff and everything chocolate.

What’s fun about this is not only making crazy froyo combinations for someone else to eat but also seeing friends spur of the moment. On a Tuesday. My weeknights are just getting crazy.


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