Day 237: Revenge

So I started watching Revenge at the gym, and had vowed to only watch it at the gym, but after the Arthritis Walk on Friday and then a full Saturday of shopping with my family who was in town for the walk and attending my nephew’s graduation in Naperville, I was totally exhausted. Not to mention stiff, sore and barely mobile. Today, I spent the ENTIRE day watching Revenge. That is not an exaggeration. Literally all day. I think the only other thing I accomplished was painting my toenails, and I did that while watching Revenge. I finished the entire first season and managed to get the hubs hooked in the process.

I think it is probably like a less scary version of Dexter in that you root for a main character who is kind of a psychopath, taking revenge on the people who played a part in the wrongful imprisonment and ultimate death of her father. She ruins people’s lives on many levels. But she’s also super rich and fashionable and finds herself in the middle of a love triangle. It’s a good combination of suspenseful thriller and fluffy drama (for me). If you are laid up for any reason, it’s a solid way to spend your time.


One thought on “Day 237: Revenge

  1. Susan says:

    I’m hooked on Revenge as well😊hope you get your rest and build up strength…thanks for sharing your journey!
    Your retrospect in HS graduation was interesting, as a teacher, I feel the same way….expectation & dreams are relatively the same…they just fit the times! Approaching my 40th HS class reunion! Reading your blog made me reflect back to that moment when we all felt like WE were the only ones feeling that grand anticipation!!! Thankfully we each can fulfill our dreams in this great place we are blessed to live in…America🎓🇺🇸

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