Day 246: Holding Court

On Day 246, I was “in residence” at Bar on Buena. I was there from 6:00pm to about 10:00pm meeting different people. BOB, as I have begrudgingly started calling it–at first I disliked this acronym but it is a lot easier to say–is our neighborhood place. If the hubs and I need a quick dinner but also want a good beer or outdoor seating, we go to BOB. So usually we are not there for longer than an hour. On this particular night, though, I met friend Emily. Then her hubs and my hubs joined us. Then they left and it was just my hubs and me. Then he left and friend Jana joined me. It was pretty much all social with maybe a little bit of business. (More on that later). And while the waitress may not have enjoyed opening and closing three separate bills, I sure had fun chatting, eating and drinking with a revolving door of friends.


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