Day 247: Marigold

Tonight I went to one of my favorite Indian restaurants in Chicago–Marigold. It used to live in Uptown right near the Aragon. Now it lives in Andersonville right by the fro-yo place (obviously a great location). The hubs and I have a ritual of going there with our friend John on random weeknights.

On this particular occasion, Chicago weather cooperated enough for us to sit at the big community table near the open windows and enjoy a cool beverage in the cool breeze. While the men opted for Bengali Beer, I partook in their special–Lambrusco. I discovered Lambrusco in 2008. I remember because I was interning at the Williamstown Theater Festival that summer. We sometimes went to the one fancy bar in town, for openings and other special occasions, and the bartender asked if I would like a Lambrusco. I admitted that I didn’t know what that was. “Sparkling Red” was all he had to say and I jumped all over it.

Marigold does “modern” Indian. When I asked the hubs what that meant, he said the “style” and the “preparation” was just a little more “western.” I’m not sure what that means, but it is just solid, delicious food. And the three of us have this uncanny ability to order the perfect meal, both in balance and in quantity. Tonight we got three samosas, two entree dishes, a side of rice and two orders of naan. And we devoured every bite. Literally zero leftovers. It was amazing. And delicious.




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