Day 249: Play Day

The hubs and I travelled to New Harmony for the New Harmony Project, a writers’ conference focused on new play development. Five plays received two weeks of in-depth work with actors, director, dramaturg, and, of course, playwright. Three other writers were in residence at the conference to just getaway and write.

Day 249 was packed with readings of the plays that had been in workshop for the duration of the conference; 10:00am, 2:00pm, and 8:00pm. We had just enough time to eat between readings–well, and I managed to do some work. I love new plays. I love that they are mid development. I love New Harmony Project for facilitating a thoughtful conversation afterwards. I love thinking about where those plays will go. I love talking about my thoughts afterwards with the hubs, friends and colleagues.

These three plays were all set in the 1970’s–a strange coincidence though I wonder if we’ll see more of that as modern technology can often fix some of the dramatic “problems” created in plays. I mean if Juliet could have texted Romeo, the whole thing might have turned out differently. Modern playwrights will either have to embrace or neglect or set their plays in the 1970’s…Anyway, even though they were all set in the same period, they were all quite different. Different styles, structures and voices. Being exposed to three plays in one day as well as sitting in a room full of creative minds got my artistic juices flowing. I felt so inspired by our whole trip (more on this later).

The whole mission of the New Harmony Project is to serve writers who provide positive artistic work in a world that can often be viewed cynically. The founders sought to fight the negativity often found in modern cinema and theater by investing in writers who focus on hope. Very similar to what I’m trying to do for myself with this blog…no wonder I found it so up-lifting.


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