Day 250: Oh What a Night

The end of the New Harmony Project is always celebrated with a formal dinner with donors followed by an informal party in the Barn Abby. This has always been one of my favorite nights in New Harmony. People are excited about the plays they’ve seen or worked on. Everyone gathers to celebrate the writers and another successful project wearing their New Harmony best. Funders give generously to support the continued life of this amazing writers’ retreat. Then everyone gets crazy at the Barn Abby: flip cup, beer pong, dancing, drinking–its a UET style party with professionals. The vibe goes from formal to informal pretty much instantly. And it is amazing.

It was fun to have that kind of night where, by the end, your dress clothes are rumpled and sweaty and you feel exhausted but exhilarated at the same time so you go back to your hotel room and play cards for an hour before you can sleep. That kind of night.


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