Day 253: Toes

Hmmmm….maybe this is fun? Or maybe this is gross?

I had a laser treatment on my toenails. For about five years, I’ve had an embarrassing toe fungus that causes yellowing and thickening of the nails. It stops me from wearing open-toed shoes and I don’t even think about getting a pedicure. Because of my RA and the medication I take that suppresses my immune system, I am both more suseptible to the fungus and unable to take the medication used to treat it.

A few months ago, I was deleting some of the many emails I get about “Sales” or “Specials” and paused to open a Living Social email. Had the subject line not mentioned toenail laser treatment, I never would have looked at it. For me this treatment had been prohibitively expensive, but the Living Social offer was something crazy like 80% off!

I thought the treatment might be a little scary but it was mostly just warm. Now most of my nails have cleared right up. I may need a second treatment for one toe, but at this point it will definitely be worth it to wear open-toed shoes with pride and get pedis with the girls.


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