Day 265: Hike and Weekend Recap

Another thing I did not realize that I love and am fully capable of doing is hiking. We took a .75 mile hike up Empire Bluffs. Under the trees it felt like a rainforest. Up on the bluffs, the view was massive, even in fog. It felt so invigorating and rewarding to get to the top, I was worried the .75 mile back would be disappointing. Let me tell you, it was not. I loved being surrounded by nature, meeting people on the path and saying hello. The whole place and the whole trip had great vibes. Some of my pictures from the day are below, but for a way better photo recap of the entire weekend, visit this Emily Alt Photography Blog Post. She and her husband were our hosts and I just love all of the details of our Northern Michigan Getaway that she captured in her photos.




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