Day 266: Summer of Interns

Day 266 marked the first work day for the summer interns at the theater. I welcomed these college students who willingly dedicated their summer to the theater with a week’s worth of envelope stuffing for the first big mailing I have ever organized. Five difference components, folded, cut, stamped, and stuffed for over 7,000 people. I thought it only fair that I help them for a little while.

So instead of my regular work, I sat with the interns and folded letters for much of the day. Sometimes a simple task like this is so satisfying. However with RA, even simple tasks, when done with the hands or feet, can be a challenge. I felt lucky that I was able to do this for several hours without feeling like my hands were going to fall off. I was careful to take little breaks to just shake them out and that seemed to help a lot. For me, it was actually relaxing to know I only had this one thing to do for the next few hours. And it allowed me get to know the interns right off the bat. So fun!


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