Day 267: Cause to Celebrate

On Day 267 we celebrated the last day of teaching for my friend Emily. She started her photography company about one year ago and, due to both her love of photography and her success in the business, she is going to pursue it (along with her husband as assistant) full time! You may remember the hubs and I doing this super fun shoot back in September.

IMG_6100 IMG_6146 IMG_6303











Her courage to leave her job in order to pursue something she loves inspires me to continue to ask the question, “What do I want out of life?” We celebrated her new adventure with pink champagne and conversation about what she has planned for the upcoming months–Weddings, Mini Sessions, Rolling Elopements with an Airstream (Yes, you did read that right. They do own an Airstream). Be sure to check it all out on the Emily Alt Photography website and blog.


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