Day 268: Vegetarian?

When I was in maybe 9th grade, I decided to be a vegetarian. I mean I was already wearing band tshirts and chain necklaces, so why not? Honestly I don’t remember liking red meat much, and I was very suspicious of chicken on the bone. My photography teacher showed us a photo essay on meat processing and that pretty much sealed the deal. Since then I’ve added chicken and turkey back into my diet-because if I didn’t, I would have finished college with the record for most cheesey bread consumption.

This week, however, I have inadvertently gone back to my vegetarian ways. Monday-cereal, hummus/tomato bagel sandwich, mushroom/lobster (I’ve always eaten fish) pasta. Tuesday-cereal, berry muffin, vegan toffee bar, poblano pepper and black bean tacos. Today- cereal, hummus/tomato bagel, portabella/spinach/couscous pita. I noticed the trend today and felt pretty great about it. As an adult who is attempting to learn more about food and cook more frequently, I feel I could do a better job of eating a healthy vegetarian diet than I did as a teen. I also know that it would mean eating more fresh produce and less processed foods-the so called, “Arthritis Diet” of removing or significantly reducing inflammatory food intake.

The hubs is even sort of kind of on board, which, if you know us, is usually enough for me to run with something.



One thought on “Day 268: Vegetarian?

  1. debbiec67 says:

    I switched to a whole foods, plant-based diet this past February and effectively sent my RA into remission. Good luck on your journey!

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