Day 269: Bounty

So I have actually been able to go grocery shopping this week. Amazing, I know. If you’ve seen the vegetarian post from yesterday, you know that I have been eating a lot more produce this week. Well, I am planning on sticking to it! I was inspired tonight both by a comment I got from a reader I do not know about how she has been eating a plant based diet since February and has effectively sent her RA into remission (wowza! go Debbie!) and a tray of food, pictured below. I had a few guests joining me for a business meeting this evening and realized about 20 minutes before they were due to arrive that I should have some food out. I went to the usually bare fridge and found all of these delicious items; hummus, pita, tomato, avocado, goat cheese, strawberries and blueberries. I arranged everything on a platter we got for our wedding that I love to use and voila! A cute, bountiful plate of fresh, healthy food. This never would have happened had I not gone to Edgewater Produce on Tuesday…



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