Day 271: Marty’s

Marty’s Martini Bar in Andersonville hosted an amazing fundraiser on Day 271 for the Youth Ensemble, an intense, pre-college prep program at the theater. From 2-5pm (times the bar is normally closed) all profits from drinks went right to the theater. The bartenders both donated their tips on top of it, which was amazing, and a small raffle with prizes and cash for purchasers increased total donations.

The Youth Ensemble is actually the pride and joy of the theater. Thirteen Chicago Public School juniors and seniors with intense interest and incredible talent take master classes, participate in scene studies, attend theater, advocate for our company and perform in a show on our stage every summer. For the first graduating class of seniors, we’ve had 100% college acceptance and enrollment. These students are really a part of the family and we do what we can to support them.

The event was really fun. I don’t usually drink martinis but I had two French 75s and was done-zo (oops! oh well, it’s for the kids). Some friends came out to support me and the theater–amazing. The weather cooperated so we could sit on the patio–also amazing. All in all a great Saturday!




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