Day 275: Back to Guilty Pleasures

I had been off of methotrexate for a while but today I had to go back on. It was trial-I don’t like to take it. Plus if the hubs and I ever want to start a family (the old fashioned way), I will not be able to take it for several months before any “trying” starts. Needless to say, the trial didn’t last very long nor go very well. After about 5 months, I could not continue without it. The combination of methotrexate and Enbrel just works really well for me and anytime I mess with that, my joints get enraged so acceptance and forward movement. It could always change but for now I’m back to one sicky/sleepy day per week that I hopefully fill with a guilty pleasure. Today it was those darn easy bake cookies. They get me every time!


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