Day 277: One-on-One

When I lived in Minneapolis, I was very involved at a wonderful place called The Playwrights’ Center whose mission is to champion playwrights and new plays in order to build upon a living theater that demands new and innovative works. One of the many opportunities they provide for playwrights is what is called the One-on-One with a Dramaturg. Mostly used by amateur writers, this program matches a playwright with a dramaturg who will read their play and offer feedback twice during the writing process. Participating in this program allows me the opportunity to meet new writers and continue to exercise my dramaturgical skills.

On Day 277 I had a great phone meeting with the playwright I am currently paired. We really understood one another, and I felt like I really understood where she wanted her play to go. We talked through all of my notes and all of her questions ending the conversation on such a positive note. She has a workshop she is writing toward, which is all the more motivating for her, and we have plans to speak again once that is complete. I just love positive collaboration and believe fully that criticism can be positive if communicated effectively, which, in this situation, is always with the goals of the play in mind. I cannot wait to read the next draft and continue this great relationship!


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