Day 313: Roadtrip Day 3

Another 12 hour drive and three more states! Leaving Colorado, we drove through Wyoming and Utah to get to Sun Valley, Idaho, our destination for wedding fun. It was on this drive that the landscape really changed. The hubs and I kept saying things like, “It looks like another planet!” and “Look how FAR you can see. There’s just NOTHING.”

Honestly, I had never seen land like this in my life. It was beautiful. I just kept imagining cowboys driving cattle across miles and miles of untouched land, eating food over a fire and sleeping under the open sky. I was literally gaping the entire 12 hours.


Immediately upon arrival in Sun Valley, we spruced up and headed to a welcome dinner for all the far traveling guests. Sun Valley was a special place to the groom growing up and he and his bride agreed that it was the perfect place for their wedding. Their welcome dinner featured loving speeches from friends, childhood stories from family and local mustards and vintage postcards as favors. A lot of love and happiness in the air for the almost-wed couple!



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