Day 312: Roadtrip Day 2

The first 12 hour day. We listened to much of the book, discussed plans for alternating driving, playing games, sleeping and just getting through the day. Through the cornfields of Iowa, the plains of Nebraska and finally into the mountains of Colorado, we made excellent time. Actually we were so quick, we surprised our generous host Tony by arriving one hour early!

Did I mention Tony is a great host? He played Journey for us as we walked through the door. He drove us all over Denver giving a great tour, took us out to an amazing dinner with view overlooking downtown and the mountains, talked religion and politics with no fights and sent us off at 5:30am with bellies full of cereal, coffee, and fruit. The. Best. Host.

Denver made quite the good impression on the hubs and I-we would love to get back and do some real exploring of the city’s adorable downtown and sunset views of the Rocky’s.



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