Day 321: I Didn’t Miss the Visit

While I ran off to Iowa so as not to miss the birth of my niece, my friends Rachel and Dan still made their trip to Chicago to see us. Dan did also have to be here for work, so he was busy much of the weekend. This left Rachel and the hubs to get to know one another better. My bestest friend and my man chilling all weekend? Either lots of stories of me from college (oh no) or good bonding time. I think it was both. I mean they had their own inside jokes when I returned so it must have been good. Day 321 brought me back to town just in time to see them for a while.

We went to a great dinner at Farmhouse and then to see The Jungle Book at the Goodman where we ran into more friends visiting from out of town. Even though I only got to spend a little time with Rachel, we worked in some quality time to chat just the two of us. I am so happy she decided to come anyway! I mean, if she hadn’t I would have missed this:



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