Day 322: Goodbye, Hello

Ok. Remember a while ago I posted about things to come…so one of the things was, obviously, the birth of my niece. The other is the announcement that I am working with Emily Alt Photography as the bookkeeper and creative consultant! I just really dig everything Emily and her husband are doing and want to be apart of it, even if I can’t go out on the road in the airstream (or can I?)

In case you did not know, Emily and Ian have quit their day jobs to pursue photography full-time and have serious plans to travel the country with their dog(s?) and cameras. On Day 321, we said goodbye to them as they packed up their Northside condo and moved to Michigan in search of adventures in airstreams, photography and self-employment. They just announced an AMAZING offer in some seriously RAD cities, so if you are planning on getting married in or looking to elope to Minneapolis, Austin, Asheville, Beaufort, New Orleans, Santa Fe, or Traverse City, check this out. Now. Like immediately. The rest of this post is not as important as you reading about the Pop Up Rolling Elopements.

And in case you don’t subscribe to her emails (why wouldn’t you? they are full of great offers!) here is the announcement that went out about my involvement: “Hey! I’m Sarah and I’m super jazzed to be working with my talented friends, Emily and Ian. As they venture out on the road, I’ll be keeping the books in Chicago and writing blog posts about anything from urban DIY photo art to utopian societies to pescetarianism. Theater, a husband, and a mini-goldendoodle named Elphaba occupy much of my time, yet I like to think of myself as an amateur photographer, musician and traveler. Even though I am a native Iowan and current Illinoisan, the northwest mitten state has stolen my heart. I enjoy long walks on her peaceful Lake Michigan beaches, hikes to the top of Empire Bluffs and drives through The Narrows–obviously the most beautiful place on Earth.” (Ridiculous I know, but also true).

For real, I am sad to see my friends leave Chicago but so so happy for their success, inspired by their bravery and awed by their art!



One thought on “Day 322: Goodbye, Hello

  1. Susan says:

    What an awesome adventure for all of you…! Good luck and safe travels to your friends:)

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