Day 343: End of Summer

I still mentally operate on an academic calendar. I can’t help it. I’ve had way more years in school than out so the summer still holds that magical spell over me. I still associate it with freedom from responsibility and, increasingly, also travel. The hubs and I have probably spent more weekends out of town than in over the last three months and I love that. I may even go out on a limb and say this has been one of the best summers yet (whoa!)

Yet Labor Day marks the end of all that. Even though Fall doesn’t officially begin until the end of the month, for me, summer is over. It’s the new fiscal year. Theater seasons are beginning. We spent this last weekend at the Cottage until who knows when-probably next Memorial Day. And that’s ok. I actually love Fall and the ramp up to the Holidays (remember all those decorating and baking posts last year??). It’s also not that I’m not ready for that transition. I am. I’m just thinking about it a lot and realizing how close I am to the end of the Year of Fun. (The fact that I began this blog almost right in sync with the academic year is telling). I’m wondering what next year will bring, what this blog will become and what it means to “finish” the year. Don’t worry, I’m cooking up some fun things!


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