Day 344: Routine

Labor Day threw me off. I forgot to do my shot because it seemed like Sunday all day. When I woke up today and remembered (that I forgot), I decided to do the shot on my own.

I knew the hubs was doing a presentation that he had been working on for a while so I did not want to disturb him at work. Normally he is with me (or sometimes on the phone)-he has a role in the routine of doing the injection. Routine is an important word here because, in the past, I have thought of it as anything but. Something told me today was different though, that I was ready for it to seem normal, regular.

I took the shot out of the fridge and while it set, I took my temperature (normal), washed my hands and got out the other stuff I need (cotton ball and alcohol swab). I always check the expiration date and the fill line on the syringe. Then take off the cap and push out the air bubbles. Alcohol swab my thigh, pinch some fat and insert the needle at a 45 degree angle. I release the skin, pull back the plunger to check for blood (blood = vein and do NOT inject) then begin pushing medicine in. Normally the hubs helps with pesky air bubbles that need tapping. He announces, “no blood!” And he disposes of everything for me at the end. Today I was able to manage the bubbles, trust myself to verify no blood and dispose of all materials on my own. It felt very routine, yet I also felt confident and empowered for the rest of the day!


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