Day 345: Sugar Strike

This may be clear, considering how much I blog about sweets, but I have a sugar issue. Like, for real. I eat a cookie or cookies every day. It is bad. I get cravings and I give in to them very quickly. So when I said to the hubs, “I’m thinking about giving up sugar,” you can understand why he guffawed.

But it’s true. At least I am going to try. Not like all sugar in everything-that sounds impossible, but I can give up sweets like cookies and brownies and adding sugar to my decaf coffee. Today I had a La Croix and an iced herbal tea (neither of which required sugar) and chose a zucchini bread for my midday snack (instead of a cookie, and of course the coffee shop had my favorite cookies today-thumbprint which are these shortbread cookies with a fruit center-so much yum).

Tonight I did start to feel the usual where’s-the-chocolate pangs but I mentally powered through by looking at homes for sale online. I’m hoping to last one month to really help me feel like I’ve kicked the habit. That satisfied feeling of accomplishment is pretty fun!


One thought on “Day 345: Sugar Strike

  1. I’m having huge cravings today… I just finished dinner and now all I want is chocolate. I totally get you.

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