Day 7: Mondays

Working in the theatre, I normally have Mondays off. I often have lofty plans for all the things I can accomplish on a Monday. Errands, cleaning, appointments, catching up with friends, organizing emails, planning meals, and writing blogs. Mondays are also the day I take Methotrexate, a pill that works well in combination with an injectable like Enbrel (what I used to take) or Humira (what I taken now).

I started this pill, or really set of pills (I take five 2.5mg pills), four weeks ago in the hope that, with the Humira, I can get my arthritis under control. It takes about six weeks to kick in and does come with some side effects. Many people experience “flu-like symptoms,” dizziness, or stomach problems. When I take it, I become exhausted. My hopes of running errands, cleaning, making appointments, etc go right out the window. I have literally been asleep most of today.

So, to take some of the pressure off of Mondays, and for the purposes of this blog, I have invented Guilty Pleasure Monday. Monday will now become a true day off where I can cuddle with my dog on the couch and read or watch whatever I want as long as I accomplish one thing from the constantly growing list of to-dos.

Today, I set up boarding for my dog for the weekend (headed to Iowa for a long-time friend’s wedding) and, for my guilty pleasure, read as much of Perez Hilton as I could.

This photo was not taken today, but I imagine this is what Mondays will look like from here on out.


One thought on “Day 7: Mondays

  1. Mark Erbaugh says:

    Hey Sarah- It’s good you are doing this- I can only see you getting good stuff out of it. Being in the RA boat with you, I’m happy to talk to you about it if you want. I’m a few steps ahead of you as far as treatments, but my current drug is working pretty well.
    I hope you get relief and your RA fades into the background. Its great you are doing so much other stuff. Best wishes.

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