Day 66: Crossword Competition

I do my shot every week on Thursday in the evening and usually, after I’m done, I need something to distract myself from thinking too much about the possibility of side effects or how freaky it is that I just gave myself a shot while sitting at the dining room table. This week I decided to challenge the hubs to a crossword competition.

A crossword competition is when you print out a number of copies of a crossword from an online source (in this case, two) and then compete on who can finish fastest. This is something I’ve participated in at work, but decided to bring home. The puzzle we tackled was entitled “Abbreviated States,” though I cannot tell you why. We competed for about 20 minutes before we started giving each other answers. Eventually we were both so stuck, we decided to just work on it together, and we were victorious! Even though no one won, it was super fun. I highly suggest this game. You could play until someone wins on their own, or see who has to ask for help first, or just have fun competing knowing you might ultimately have to put your brains together to finish.


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