Day 65: My Moment of Zen

My place of work, aside from producing quality theatre, has some of the best views of the city. The second best location for gazing upon these views is the employee lunch room. (The best is the sixth floor bathrooms). Today, instead of obsessively checking my email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for half an hour, I took in the view while eating. It was so calming–the city looked impressive but it was the lake that drew me in–and serene with the sun beginning to set (I ignored the totally depressing fact that it was 3pm and the sun was already setting). This is among the simplest fun I’ve had, yet one of the best because I was able to just relax and enjoy the day without stresses, worries, work or anything getting in the way. My moment of zen if you will. Here is my attempt to share it with you. #nofilter


2 thoughts on “Day 65: My Moment of Zen

  1. Gertrude Nath says:

    You see this from your work environment? Heavenly.

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