Day 64: Playing Footsie

Suggested activity, “wear silly socks on a day when others can see them to see who talks about them.”

Well, since Elphaba ate one and a half pairs of my shoes, I don’t have many winter weather and work appropriate shoes left.  This morning, when I was at a loss at what to wear on my feet, I remembered this suggested activity and decided to go for it. I went to work with my feet looking like this.

At first, I felt a little embarrassed. Like when someone high up at the theater got out of his car the same time I did and I thought we might ride the elevator together with my socks. That did not end up happening, but I was ashamed of myself for feeling embarrassed–totally not in the spirit of this activity. So then I started trying to get people to notice them by sticking my feet out from under the desk, doing full body stretches, and getting up from my chair a lot.

After hours of no one saying anything, I finally declared, “Hey look at my socks! I’m wearing them for fun!” I then got the responses I wanted: positive comments, eye rolls and chuckles. It was definitely fun trying to get people to notice them, but maybe I need some even sillier socks for this activity to really work?


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