Day 120: Intentionally Indoors

I have not left the house today. In fact, I have been home for the last 28 hours and intend to be home for another 11 before going anywhere. This morning I posted a photo to Facebook of my weather app telling me it was ZERO degrees outside. ZERO. In that moment, I decided, “I am not leaving the house today. And it is going to be super fun.”

While most of my day was spent on the computer with work emails, life emails, bill paying, editing a personal statement for a friend, etc. I also managed to go through all my mail, swiffer the floors, play with Elphie, look through old Pottery Barn catalogues, try on new clothes that came in the mail, eat home made tacos with the hubs and enjoy an hour of uninterrupted Kardashian Television. Many of these things could be fun in and of themselves, but, for today, it is the combination of indoor activities and deciding to stay home that is fun. I literally was outside for about 30 seconds to let Elphie go potty and yet I accomplished so much.

I also took a moment to enjoy intentionally staying in as opposed to being forced to stay in. I’ve endured many stretches of multiple days inside due to illness or pain without finding the fun in it. Today, even though I never left the house, I felt free, active and productive.



One thought on “Day 120: Intentionally Indoors

  1. Susan says:

    Good for you!!!

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