Day 121: Ticket to Ride

Friends introduced me to this game as an app, Ticket to Ride. You are an old-timey railroad mogul, building train routes across America and Europe based on tickets you select throughout the game. Longer routes are worth more points and specific tracks are often coveted by multiple players, making for an interesting game of strategy.

Because the app is based on a board game (combined with the subject matter and characters), I assumed this game was actually an old game that someone made in to an app. I was wrong. The inventor, Alan Moon, debuted the game in 2004, yet it feels so authentically old fashioned, which is one of the things I like best about it.

The app is a little pricey–iPad is easier to use than iPhone–but it includes solo, online, pass-and-play, and, network, so you can easily play with a variety of opponents. The hubs and I play against each other all the time on separate iPads, and we’ve have four people on our couch, on four different iPads playing together (I know).

Tonight, I just played against the computer. But sometimes, it is so satisfying to beat the computer.



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