Day 129: Agnes

I rush home after a half day at work to meet Agnes, a petite woman who is going to “make miracles” in my home. She is buzzing from the front gate at the very moment I am coming in. She only brings a few items with her; rags, flip flops and a bucket. She asks how many bathrooms I have. After I point her in the right direction, I settle in at the dining table for some work from home and don’t see Agnes again for a couple hours. The only proof that she is actually there is an occasional bang or the sound of running water.

After three hours, she emerges to kick me out of the living/dining area. I have since quit my work and am watching How I Met Your Mother, feeling like instead of watching television, I should be helping Agnes. When I go back to the master bed/bath, my jaw drops. It is immaculate, sparkling, shiny and new.

Another hour passes and I decide to check on her. She is under the dining table cleaning who knows how much dog hair from the underside of the table. There is a PILE of dog bones on Elphie’s bed that she could only have found in awful abandoned places like under the couch and beneath the stove. I slowly back out of the room, unable to interrupt the master at work.

In total Agnes spends almost five hours cleaning our two bedroom, two bath condo. We’ve had “cleaning services” come before. They spend no more than two hours cleaning and charge twice what Agnes asks for. This lady is amazing and she made my day by making my home look better and cleaner than I could ever hope to.



2 thoughts on “Day 129: Agnes

  1. I love that you wrote about how amazing Agnes is. Agnes makes the world a more clean and beautiful place.

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