Day 130: Old School

Tonight the hubs and I engaged in some old school games. Like children, we challenged each other in the type of flirtatious competition known best known by fourth graders.

1. Staring Contest

The hubs is terrible at this. Apparently he “needs to blink a lot.” In each game we were going best of seven, and I shut him out.

2. Rock, Paper, Scissors

Again, I destroyed my competition through simple psychology. I always knew what he was about to throw down.

3. Thumb War

This is where my streak ends. Some may think it unfair to challenge a girl with RA to a thumb war, but I insisted on it and held my own with my left hand. Right handed, though, I was total toast.

It was a fun release at the end of a busy week for both of us. Now, we are going to cuddle up and watch Anchorman. Ahhh, childhood.


One thought on “Day 130: Old School

  1. Sue (Mom) says:

    Having witnessed you growing up and your competitive spirit throughout your childhood years, I cannot say I am surprised by this blog post. This competitiveness is a quality that i always recognised in you as a child and I am happy to see it continue. It lends itself to your strenth of character, responding and reacting to all things challenging in your life and dedication to what you believe in, no matter if it comes out in childhood games and having fun with your husband. I find this activity refreshing AND fun, Sarah. I hoped you smoked your hubs with Rock Paper Scissors! (Sorry, son in law! ha ha)

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