Day 223: Kids, Suburbs, Kids

After doing a little party clean up and recovery, the hubs and I headed out to the burbs to visit some friends and their kids.

First stop, J and A and their son in Buffalo Grove. We played soccer and baseball in their yard and a matching game in their home. Then we picked up Portillos (obviously a suburban favorite) and took it to V and J and their two children in Northbrook. After dinner we were treated to a game and a few musical numbers courtesy of their 6 year old.

I had a lot of fun and did my best to keep up with the seemingly endless supply of energy in all three of the kids. The hubs was great! Especially playing with the first boy, who is two and a half and just wanted to do sports the whole time. It’s also nice (and fun) to see friends as parents, to watch their kids grow up and to be a part of so many great families’ lives.




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