Days 224, 225, 226, 227, & 228

Let me just say, it has been one hectic week. Rather than write five individual posts about how hectic its been and how little time I’ve had to have fun let alone write about it, I’m opting for one long post on the week. See this is sort of how I envision the future of Year of Fun. After the initial Year is over, I want to keep blogging, but in a more thoughtful way. This isn’t to say that I have not been thoughtful all year–just that it is difficult to write the way that I would like to write and spend the time I would like to spend every day. In the future, I see myself posting once a week on a whole range of topics dedicated to fun, RA and just cool stuff I read, see, do, or find out about. These posts will be longer with more pictures, links, thoughts and recommendations.

But that is for after September 25, 2013. Now, I am in the 220s with over 100 days to go! And as I mentioned, this week has been a doozy.

Day 224, Monday–The craziness starts at work when an important element for a campaign falls through. Basically, I spend the whole rest of the week doing damage control. Every waking minute. But Monday night, when I did not think things were so bad, the hubs and I have leftovers and relax. It was probably the most rest I had all week.

Day 225, Tuesday–I stay home to try and get some work writing done. At the last minute we change a nominee for an award, so I focus on that all day. That night, the hubs introduces me to Ski Safari. It’s an app, and, I believe, a kids game, but it’s pretty fun.

Day 226, Wednesday–We start performances on Friday for our next show, everyone is crazy. So crazy that we have a short meeting in the bathroom while someone makes vomit packs over the sink. Ok that was pretty fun. I get to have dinner with friends with kids for about 40 minutes before rushing off to my next thing.

Day 227, Thursday–I spend the evening with a friend who is helping us out by editing a video. I have absolutely no experience with this but I really enjoy talking about structure and storytelling and the seeing him implement things into the video that make the structure and storytelling more sound. I also visit a Starbucks that is not playing the traditional indie soft rock but rather Blackstreet’s “No Diggity” at a volume that I’m pretty sure is against corporate standards. The employees were all singing along. It was pretty fun.

Day 228, Friday–Day of the show y’all. The air has a hectic/whirlwind vibe to it. People are doing whatever they can to get ready. At the last minute, a friends wants to have dinner. Instead I convince him to see the show with the hubs. The fun part is seeing them after the show and talking with them about how much they like it and how funny it is.

This doesn’t totally do my week justice, but it is pretty close. Tech Week. Am I right?



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