Day 229: Sunday in the Park with George (again)

Remember when I wrote that post at the very beginning of the Year of Fun about Sunday in the Park with George and the song in it that inspired the post? Well, it’s back. I’ve been missing that show. The production I saw was Just. So. Good.

Today I found myself writing for work at my dinning room table. Natural light pouring in through the kitchen windows. The dog sleeping at my feet. And I just wanted to hear that music. Rarely do I crave listening to a musical. Yes, I am a “theater person,” but I have never really been a “musical theater person.” Don’t get me wrong, I love music, musicals and singing. But I don’t know all of the musicals or their history or all about Bernadette Peters. I don’t own that many musical cast recordings, and the ones I do own were written in the last 5-7 years (In the Heights, Passing Strange, Spring Awakening, Book of Mormon, etc).

So today I satisfied my craving by purchasing the original cast recording on iTunes and playing over and over while working. Pretty great.


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