Day 230: “Real” Photo Album

Before the big anniversary trip, a friend sent me a photo album, the kind with plastic pages ready for printed photos. Her note said it was for photos from the trip and Year of Fun. Because “who does that anymore?”

Since we’ve been back, I’ve dumped all the photos from the trip into iPhoto, played a slideshow on two different TVs from my iPad and posted an album on Facebook. All things digital. Today I was able to really look through and pick the best and funniest. I had to be selective. This album does not have seemingly endless “memory” nor is it free to “share” the pictures. Because I was printing them, I had to pay special attention to the photos and selection. I could not over share if I wanted to. 52 photos to tell the story of the trip, not hundreds. It was challenging, refreshing and fun. Thanks R!




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