Day 243: Pronto Pup

I can’t believe it is almost Labor Day and I am writing a post about Memorial Day weekend. The bookends of summer. I am glad I can say my summer was so full, I had no time to write but am sad about how far behind I am.

We were at the cottage in Grand Haven, MI celebrating the start of summer with friends and, on this day, I had my first pronto pup (a special corn dog). Remember this is before pescetarianism but I definitely wasn’t eating pork. However they’ve been a staple for others whenever we’ve been in GH and I was on vacation and our friends did bring a lot back to the cottage that would otherwise have gone to waste so I figured why not. And it was out of control. I haven’t had a hot dog in so long, I had forgotten about that taste, but nestled inside a crunchy house of corn. I mean come on. Woo.

I am sad I didn’t go to the stand myself to see the line and read the sign, “This is cholesterol COUNTRY. Health addicts please continue on and have a nice day”

But maybe I’ll make it down there next weekend for Labor Day.


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