Day 244: R and R

Ok Day 244 is the day we drove back to Chicago from Grand Haven on Memorial Day weekend. It really was not that fun of a day if I’m being totally honest. I did not get a lot of sleep and as a result felt sick and tired the whole day. Plus I was under deadline for a grant proposal.

As soon as we got home, I started working. Our friends who could not make the trip invited everyone over that evening, but I was feeling too rundown and stressed so I stayed home while the hubs went to have a little more fun. I stopped working, laid on the couch, and instead of watching reality TV and feeling sorry for myself because I was sick and tired and sore, I felt good about all that I had done over the weekend. It was well-deserved and much-needed rest instead of the old, sad rest. I probably watched reality TV, but I can guarantee that I did not feel bad about it!


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