Day 51: Solution = Manicure

Since this week’s Guilty Pleasure Monday was taken over by my work party, I took a guilty pleasure moment today and got a manicure. It was a spur of the moment decision made after getting out of work early. I visited a salon/spa near my home for the first time and got a pretty affordable manicure with hand massage.

Really I love manicures because of the hand massage. Ok that’s not totally true, but it is a big reason. It just feels so good to have someone massage my hands. As long as they sort of know what they are doing and they aren’t too rough, I love it. I also love having someone else cut and shape my nails. I hate trying to cut my own finger nails. Its one of those mundane tasks that can just get me totally flustered and upset. Squeezing anything, but especially those tiny nail clippers, is difficult for me, so I would rather just have a professional do it. It’s not a big price to pay for less unnecessary difficulties and cuter hands and nails.

Side note: The more I write this blog, the more I’m cognizant of mundane or every-day activities/tasks that I alter, or in many cases have been altering for many years, to accommodate my arthritis. For the most part, I have been able to spin those in to something fun (hard to clip nails=get a manicure, nervous about walking long distances/alone/with a normal gait=take the dog to keep mind off of all that, etc) and I hope to continue to do that each day. Just being aware of these things helps me see how this disease affects my every day and that allows me to come up with better solutions (and more fun things) as opposed to just “dealing with it” or settling. And that feels pretty great.


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