Day 52: FaceTime

My friend Amanda, who I’ve been friends with since high school, sent me a list of suggested activities that included “FaceTime chat your long lost friend Amanda.” It’s true that we are not the best at staying in touch, but it is also true that when we do talk or see each other, we are the type of friends who can pick right back up again.

FaceTime, although not particularly revolutionary in the grand scheme of all things technological since video chat has been around for a while, is fairly new to me. I have used it a few times to chat with my mom when we both first got Apple devices, but I don’t think to use it regularly. I wish I did because it definitely feels more like having coffee or a drink with someone than talking on the phone. I could see Amanda’s expressions when telling a story and her responses to mine. And while we may have had to contend with technical glitches and “reconnecting,” it was still so nice to see her!



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