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Day 309: Prepare

I know it has been a while, that posts have been few and far between. But prepare. Today I printed eight pages of directions with nine exciting stops for our upcoming road trip. Year of Fun as travel blog is back!

I’m also prepping for a fun announcement. And for making up all those posts I’ve missed-notes on everything, posts just need to be written. Get ready for an onslaught of fun!

Day 298: Attack of the Cute

Attack of the cute is right. Ok. This is really for the person who has nothing to do. (Or the person who has been franticly trying to catch up on blog posts all night and just needs a mental break). Your task. Click the link. Click the cutest. Uh oh, you’re evening/train ride/lunch break/bad date just got a lot cuter!

Not convinced? This dog is in seventh place. Not first, seventh. That is how cute it is. August-04-2011-04-29-47-twitter

Day 296: Wanderjahr

This guy just quit his job to travel the world! He’s writing a blog about his travels and the book he buys in each city, so that he will have library to remember his trip when he returns. I think that is just so cool. As a person who is often a sucker for the little tchotchkes you can buy on vacation, I am so jazzed about this idea. It is such an inventive and fun way to commemorate a trip. Really fun and really cool. Check out Wanderjahr.
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