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Day 340: Just Something About a Swing

Just to prep you, this might be the most fun thing not only of the Year of Fun, but also ever.

The neighbor of the cottage in Michigan suggested we go find this rope swing that lives in the woods not too far off the road. Some children visited us today so we thought that might be the best time to look. Two children and four adults easily found the swings (there are two!) at the top of large sand/dirt hill hanging from a very sturdy tree. The climb up the hill was strenuous enough to leave my legs feeling achey (or maybe that was the fishing trip on choppy waters we took this morning–no fish, but also no barf so it was fun). Once we got to the top everyone tried the swing.

At first, I was a little nervous. It seemed like the swing required a lot of arm strength to hold yourself up. However, once the 2 and 4 year olds started doing it by finding a way to sit on one of the knots rather than stand, I knew I had to try. Because the swing goes out over the steep hill, I felt like I was very far off the ground. Yet that did not bother me. I was more caught up in what an amazing stress reliever it was. Everyone who tried it, let out of yell of joy (maybe some terror). I am certainly taking the hubs and friends (who arrived a little too late) every day for the rest of the weekend. I mean, these pictures say it all.






Day 339: Freeze

Tonight I found myself under two strands of twinkle lights playing freeze, an improv game I haven’t played since high school. It’s Labor Day weekend, so naturally I am in Michigan. I came early, because why not. The hubs and other friends come tomorrow night so our rad hosts (of Emily Alt Photography if you’re not reading her blog, well, I don’t know why you’re not so go read it after you finish this one for gorgeous photos, cool ideas and Michigan love) and I decided freeze was the way to spend our time.

Here is how to play: two people start a scene about anything. At any point during the scene other players (or in this case player) can say, “freeze.” The action stops and the player who called freeze takes the exact pose of one of the people, removing that person from the scene. They must then start a new scene using that body language. A super basic theatre game that we had excellent fun with, even though I was a little shy to start. I highly recommend it for your Labor Day gathering.

Also this:


Day 315, 316, 317, & 318: Roadtrip Days 5-8

Here is the quick and dirty on the rest of the road trip. We had such a great time and were so tired at the end of it.

Day 315

Craters of the Moon, Tetons, and Yellowstone.



20130922-223529.jpgDay 316

Animal sightings (just a few) in the morning, Mt. Rushmore in the afternoon and a roadside hotel at night.




Day 317

Finishing the audio book and getting to Wisconsin and friends. Also, we slept in this Packers Room (gross).

Day 318

Back to Chicago and life but not before playing Candyland and “Big Baskets” with a fun little guy. But so good to be home to this face.


Day 314: Roadtrip Day 4

The wedding began later in the day, so the hubs and I took advantage of our surroundings. Well…first…we tried a bike ride but my little one speeder could not handle the hills of Idaho. So, we went into town and took a gondola up to the top of Bald Mountain where we took pictures of the beautiful surroundings and tried not to run out of breath (altitude).


Next we took in a rehearsal for the local orchestra. They rehearse in the outdoor amphitheater, so it is free for anyone who wants to watch. The hubs commented how great it was to hear live orchestral music–something we will definitely need to pursue in Chicago. After that, paddle boating on a small lake with our friends, Parvesh and Gregory. There we dared each other to go under the bridge that was “off limits” to paddle boaters.


Then, after all that, THE WEDDING! It was a Jewish ceremony that modernized some of the traditions to include women and non-Jewish family and friends. Everything was beautiful–the location (nestled in the mountains), the dress (classy, modern, and sleek), and the love between the happy couple (10 years together, multiple cities and jobs that kept them apart). Oh, and a Hora like you’ve never seen! So fun.




Day 313: Roadtrip Day 3

Another 12 hour drive and three more states! Leaving Colorado, we drove through Wyoming and Utah to get to Sun Valley, Idaho, our destination for wedding fun. It was on this drive that the landscape really changed. The hubs and I kept saying things like, “It looks like another planet!” and “Look how FAR you can see. There’s just NOTHING.”

Honestly, I had never seen land like this in my life. It was beautiful. I just kept imagining cowboys driving cattle across miles and miles of untouched land, eating food over a fire and sleeping under the open sky. I was literally gaping the entire 12 hours.


Immediately upon arrival in Sun Valley, we spruced up and headed to a welcome dinner for all the far traveling guests. Sun Valley was a special place to the groom growing up and he and his bride agreed that it was the perfect place for their wedding. Their welcome dinner featured loving speeches from friends, childhood stories from family and local mustards and vintage postcards as favors. A lot of love and happiness in the air for the almost-wed couple!


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