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Day 359: Nick at Night

When I was a kid, I watched I Love Lucy, The Dick Van Dyke Show and Bewitched on Nick at Night. I loved those shows because of how old they seemed. It never occurred to me that some day I would be watching contemporary shows I liked on Nick at Night as an adult. Yet, almost every night (around this time when I’m writing blog posts) I turn on the TV for some background noise and what do I discover? Friends and Full House on Nick at Night.

Now, I love Friends. I could watch it non-stop all day, any season. As a child, I felt the same way about Full House. But, let me tell you, Full House is actually terrible. The hubs had to leave the room because he could not take the writing, long pauses and after-school-special tone. Is this what all my childhood shows were like? Did my parents hate watching them? Will I hate watching shows my kids think are good? Will I suffer through them because I think my child is learning something? I don’t know, but, at this moment, I am strangely entranced by the shiny teenage angst of DJ, the know-it-all sass of Stephanie and cheeky cuteness of Michelle. Please send help.


Day 357: Veg Head

I’ve been posting like crazy trying to catch up as much as possible before the Year is up. If I weren’t so tired right now, I would pull a marathon, blog all-nighter. It sounded like a fund idea, but when I’m already worn out at 11:15, it probably isn’t the wisest thing to pursue. I probably wouldn’t be so tired if I hadn’t gotten up to take people to airport at 6am only to find out I wasn’t needed. It gave me a real case of the Mondays from which I only recovered at about 6pm when I discovered a new produce shop near work called Veg Head.

Located on the corner of Lincoln and Belle Plaine (where the UPS store used to be), Veg Head is barely open. No sign outside yet, except a little “now open.” I went in out of curiosity and found they were still setting up. The owner talked me through the idea–healthy, clean produce that you might not get at your typical grocery store combined with fresh salads, hummus, guacamole, and breads. She told me about the unique fruits they carry (lemon drop, a cross between a honey dew and a lemon) and the products they plan to make in house. I told her about the theater located just a few blocks down Lincoln. She gave me discount cards to share with my coworkers. It was small business, neighborhood love at its finest.

I bought some homemade guac, chips and some pre-cut lemon drop. All will be treats for tomorrow’s fun thing. Be sure to check them out if you are in the area!

Day 355: Autobiography

It is 10 days until the Year of Fun is over! This is crazy, crazy to me. I’m working on a few fun things so that I go out with a bang! (And by “go out,” I mean stop posting every day. There is no way I could quit this blog altogether).

Today was a lazy, sleepy Saturday mostly spent working on my autobiography for the adoption. This life history needs to address family values, highlights, disappointments, troubles, goals, romance, psychology and career. No page limit, just go. Currently, I’m seven pages in and two thirds of the way through the questions. It is a pretty amazing exercise. I’ve thought about many of these things but never articulated them in this way (nor have I tried to connect them all in one cogent narrative). Just try writing out the answer to the question, “What values and rules did you have in your family?” I think I could spend hours on this question alone.

First, I had to sit and think about what values I was taught as a child. This was difficult because they are such a part of me. I made a list, yet as I thought about my life, things kept coming to me. The first thing on the list was the Golden Rule. While I am sure every parents hopes to instill this in their child, I took it very seriously and found myself very upset in situations where people did not treat me the way I treated them. Next, I listed my current values and compared and contrasted them with first list. What changed? When? And why? These are the questions on which I could spend so much time. It is the kind of self-examination that prompts personal realizations.

I highly recommend trying this out. Already, I can see it as an extremely helpful tool for approaching parenting. But it is good just for life and personal growth. Happy writing!


Day 354: FNL

Confession: I watched Friday Night Lights on Friday night until about 3am Saturday morning. What?

I started watching this show almost a year ago with the hubs. We have so many friends who are so into it but we just did not understand the hype. We gave up. Then, last week, I started watching again. I got through a few more “rough” episodes until a very particular Smash episode totally hooked me. I’ve been watching frequently, but Day 354 took the cake. I just couldn’t stop. If you aren’t watching it, give it 10 episodes before you make your final decision. You will not regret it!

Smash, Jason, Lyla, Tyra, Matt, Julie, Landry, Coach Taylor, Buddy, Tim Riggins and that little kids who worships Tim Riggins are all great, but Tammy Taylor is my everything. Love. Her.

Day 351: Kinfolk

If you don’t know, Kinfolk is a beautiful magazine that focuses on “discovering new things to cook, make and do.” Emily (of Emily Alt Photography) turned me on to it, even gifting me a subscription as a thank you for the work I do for her (too nice and totally not necessary but I’ll take it!).

Beautiful really is the right word for it. All the pictures are lovely. The layout is simple and pretty. And the stories are funny, sweet and varied. Volume Nine is out today-I’m going to savor every moment of relaxation with this lovely gal.


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