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Year of Fun is Back!

Hi Hi Hi! It has been a looooong 6 months since the Year of Fun ended on September 24, 2013. I think I needed that time to recover. Seriously. It was such an undertaking, but now Year of Fun is back complete with a necessary makeover! Check her out.

People kept asking me if Year of Fun would continue beyond the original year. My answer was always “Yes.” I was just never sure what that looked like. Finally, I figured it out. It’s a–and I’m not sure how I feel about this term–“lifestyle blog.” Really, that just means I’m going to keep blogging about FUN and how it fits into my life. That will most likely take the shape of new home ownership, adoption, stuff I like, travel and staying active with RA. Over these long winter months, I’ve been working a TON. The hubs and I bought a house! Future location here: Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetAnd our home study was officially approved! We’ve been spending as much time as possible with this little lady:photo-3

And these young men:


And, of course, I’ve been plotting this return to the interwebs. As always, let me know if you have any fun things you think I should try. Otherwise, I’ll hope you’ll come back for more in the coming days/weeks (not day. There will not be posts every day).

Year of Fun is on Facebook and Instagram (@sarahmslight) You can even check out our online adoption profile on the header at the top of this page.


Day 365: Wow

Here we are. Day 365. I’m getting it in just under the wire. What a good, relaxing day I’ve had.

I started out doing some work from home, looking out at the alley view I wrote about on Day 3. Then I took a three mile walk (Day 235) with Elphie (Day 18)! We went to sit by the lake (Day 21) for a minute or two before heading back home (Day 93). Then I may have done a little online shopping (Day 28), reading (Day 112) and adoption paperwork (Day 348) before the hubs (Day 175) came home from work. Then we got ready and went out for a little celebration at Lady Gregory’s (Day 27) with friends (Day 172).

I added all these post links in to show that in one day, I have done at least 11 things that I consider fun. (And this doesn’t even include all of the Instagraming that happened tonight). As I continue to reflect on the year, I realize that this is one of the best things to come out of it–both appreciating all the good, and yes fun, in things I already do and going out of my way to ensure each day includes something fun. It has been an amazing year of highs and lows (mostly highs) and I cannot wait to see how this blog, these activities, and the support of amazing people continue to impact my life.

It was suggested to me this evening that I change the name of the blog to “Life of Fun.” That’s a good idea because that is how I intend to live. I hope, at the very least, I have made some people smile or laugh. I hope some have seen the best in their lives. I hope that maybe a few who also suffer from some kind of disease have found comfort in our shared experience. And maybe just a couple of people have found inspiration here. If not, then at least I helped myself by becoming proactive about my struggles.

Thank you thank you to everyone who reads this. Every comment, text, Facebook post or like. Every follow. It has meant something to me. Thank you. To my friends who tonight shared with me their favorite posts from throughout the year–I can’t believe you all remember posts that far back! Thank you. To far away friends who have been just as supportive as local ones. Thank you. A special thank you to to Emily who has been such vocal advocate of my continuing on this journey. Thank you. To my family for their unyielding love and open encouragement. Thank you. A special thank you to my mom for printing every post and putting it in a binder for my grandmother to read since she does not have a computer. Thank you. To the hubs, who has not minded when I put anything and everything on the internet, who has cared for me in my worst time and who has constantly encouraged me and reminded what doing a Year of Fun is all about. Thank you.

My gosh. Now I’m getting sad. The Year is over, but the blog and fun continues. Here are some pics from throughout the day and dinner with celebratory people!




Also, the hubs made this amazing poster with the text from the “What is a Year of Fun?” post and pictures from special moments throughout the year. It has found a home in our hallway. I love it! 20130925-000839.jpg




Day 357: Veg Head

I’ve been posting like crazy trying to catch up as much as possible before the Year is up. If I weren’t so tired right now, I would pull a marathon, blog all-nighter. It sounded like a fund idea, but when I’m already worn out at 11:15, it probably isn’t the wisest thing to pursue. I probably wouldn’t be so tired if I hadn’t gotten up to take people to airport at 6am only to find out I wasn’t needed. It gave me a real case of the Mondays from which I only recovered at about 6pm when I discovered a new produce shop near work called Veg Head.

Located on the corner of Lincoln and Belle Plaine (where the UPS store used to be), Veg Head is barely open. No sign outside yet, except a little “now open.” I went in out of curiosity and found they were still setting up. The owner talked me through the idea–healthy, clean produce that you might not get at your typical grocery store combined with fresh salads, hummus, guacamole, and breads. She told me about the unique fruits they carry (lemon drop, a cross between a honey dew and a lemon) and the products they plan to make in house. I told her about the theater located just a few blocks down Lincoln. She gave me discount cards to share with my coworkers. It was small business, neighborhood love at its finest.

I bought some homemade guac, chips and some pre-cut lemon drop. All will be treats for tomorrow’s fun thing. Be sure to check them out if you are in the area!

Day 356: Spiritual Awakening Part 2

Today team spiritual tried Second Unitarian Universalist otherwise known as 2U. At this service, the whole team felt more inclined to participate. We sang the songs and read aloud the covenant and other responses in the program. Perhaps Bodhi broke the ice and now we are ready to be active church-goers?

After the service, we trekked up to Uncommon Ground on Devon for a brunch debrief. Brunch is one of the best parts of this journey. We discuss the elements we liked and disliked from the service. We articulate and re-articulate what we are each looking for. We challenge each other on our beliefs. All while eating runny eggs and seasoned potatoes. It’s quickly becoming a favorite Sunday ritual.

Oh, I forgot to Instagram my second church outfit but it was pretty good–jeans, three-quarter sleeve cream blouse (yes, this was a blouse-there is no better word to describe it) with a navy, tweed blazer and a chartreuse, patterned scarf.

I don’t not even want to talk about the Giants game.

Church, brunch, football–best Sunday.

Day 349: Spiritual Awakening?

Some of my friends, the hubs and I are on a quest of the spiritual nature. We, like many urban 30 somethings (ok I’m still in my 20s but am almost there), have an urge to “find” ourselves post quarter-life crisis. We hope to educate ourselves about the historic religions and find nondenominational, spiritual guidance and community. And perhaps an opportunity to serve the community in some way.

As a group, we’ve identified a few places to “try.” Today it was Bodhi in Lincoln Park. I don’t really want to go into too much detail on the pros and cons simply because they are so specific to me. I feel strongly that I can only say for myself whether one place is “better” than another. But what I can say is that the biggest impression I got from Bodhi is how open a community they are. We instantly felt welcomed and accepted.

Next week it’s down to Boystown for a service at the Second Unitarian Church. If you have any suggestions for other places for us to check out in Chicago, let me know!

Also Sunday was a full day-from church to brunch to Cubs to watch Giants v Cowboys at home (I do NOT want to talk about this game). It was so busy I wore three different outfits! So I thought instagramming three #ootds would be a good way to chronicle the day. Here they are: I am sure you can tell which is which (so fun!)




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