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Weekly Obsessions-April 6

This week I am totally obsessed with Spring Cleaning. I have been a madwoman. No closet, dresser, or counter top has been safe from me. This weekend, after cleaning the entire apartment, the hubs and I went through every storage space/surface in our bedroom (including the closet-yikes), the hall closet and both bathrooms. Everything is organized, pretty and clean.

I would like to think this is something we would do every spring to rid ourselves of that which we’ve accumulated over a long winter of hibernating. However, I know better. We are super motivated in preparation for listing the condo for sale. In fact, part of Saturday’s organizing included visiting with our realtor on the market, listing price, and some things to change/fix up before listing. We plan to fix all the holes in the hallway walls and then paint. And, of course, going through the living area and second bedroom with the same fervor for cleaning and organizing. That second bedroom in particular is going to be a doozy.

However, the weekend wasn’t all work. The hubs and I rewarded ourselves with a trip to a few furniture stores to pack away ideas for the new place. We are both totally obsessed with West Elm’s Mid Century Modern Collection, so we peeked into a few vintage shops to see if we could find anything similar at a lower price. We did find some similar pieces, however they were the about the same price…Not to worry, though, we will keep looking!


I mean, come on. Gorgeous.

I also took the hubs on his first visit to Bang Bang Pie Shop. Biscuits and vegetarian gravy topped with an egg. French silk pie. Need I say more? Just go.


The face of the happiest and most satisfied of campers.


Year of Fun is Back!

Hi Hi Hi! It has been a looooong 6 months since the Year of Fun ended on September 24, 2013. I think I needed that time to recover. Seriously. It was such an undertaking, but now Year of Fun is back complete with a necessary makeover! Check her out.

People kept asking me if Year of Fun would continue beyond the original year. My answer was always “Yes.” I was just never sure what that looked like. Finally, I figured it out. It’s a–and I’m not sure how I feel about this term–“lifestyle blog.” Really, that just means I’m going to keep blogging about FUN and how it fits into my life. That will most likely take the shape of new home ownership, adoption, stuff I like, travel and staying active with RA. Over these long winter months, I’ve been working a TON. The hubs and I bought a house! Future location here: Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetAnd our home study was officially approved! We’ve been spending as much time as possible with this little lady:photo-3

And these young men:


And, of course, I’ve been plotting this return to the interwebs. As always, let me know if you have any fun things you think I should try. Otherwise, I’ll hope you’ll come back for more in the coming days/weeks (not day. There will not be posts every day).

Year of Fun is on Facebook and Instagram (@sarahmslight) You can even check out our online adoption profile on the header at the top of this page.

Day 365: Wow

Here we are. Day 365. I’m getting it in just under the wire. What a good, relaxing day I’ve had.

I started out doing some work from home, looking out at the alley view I wrote about on Day 3. Then I took a three mile walk (Day 235) with Elphie (Day 18)! We went to sit by the lake (Day 21) for a minute or two before heading back home (Day 93). Then I may have done a little online shopping (Day 28), reading (Day 112) and adoption paperwork (Day 348) before the hubs (Day 175) came home from work. Then we got ready and went out for a little celebration at Lady Gregory’s (Day 27) with friends (Day 172).

I added all these post links in to show that in one day, I have done at least 11 things that I consider fun. (And this doesn’t even include all of the Instagraming that happened tonight). As I continue to reflect on the year, I realize that this is one of the best things to come out of it–both appreciating all the good, and yes fun, in things I already do and going out of my way to ensure each day includes something fun. It has been an amazing year of highs and lows (mostly highs) and I cannot wait to see how this blog, these activities, and the support of amazing people continue to impact my life.

It was suggested to me this evening that I change the name of the blog to “Life of Fun.” That’s a good idea because that is how I intend to live. I hope, at the very least, I have made some people smile or laugh. I hope some have seen the best in their lives. I hope that maybe a few who also suffer from some kind of disease have found comfort in our shared experience. And maybe just a couple of people have found inspiration here. If not, then at least I helped myself by becoming proactive about my struggles.

Thank you thank you to everyone who reads this. Every comment, text, Facebook post or like. Every follow. It has meant something to me. Thank you. To my friends who tonight shared with me their favorite posts from throughout the year–I can’t believe you all remember posts that far back! Thank you. To far away friends who have been just as supportive as local ones. Thank you. A special thank you to to Emily who has been such vocal advocate of my continuing on this journey. Thank you. To my family for their unyielding love and open encouragement. Thank you. A special thank you to my mom for printing every post and putting it in a binder for my grandmother to read since she does not have a computer. Thank you. To the hubs, who has not minded when I put anything and everything on the internet, who has cared for me in my worst time and who has constantly encouraged me and reminded what doing a Year of Fun is all about. Thank you.

My gosh. Now I’m getting sad. The Year is over, but the blog and fun continues. Here are some pics from throughout the day and dinner with celebratory people!




Also, the hubs made this amazing poster with the text from the “What is a Year of Fun?” post and pictures from special moments throughout the year. It has found a home in our hallway. I love it! 20130925-000839.jpg




Day 363: PeeWee

Today the hubs and I watched our 9 year old nephew Nathan play tackle football! He is on the Steelers in a 10-12 league (he’ll be 10 in a little under two months) at the local park district. I have never seen children this young play tackle football and it was so fun. They have a major running game because they can’t really throw that well at this point–though the times they did pass the ball were super exciting. They line up and try to cover their man but eventually everyone kinds of runs after whoever has the ball. It was fun, competitive and, yes, adorable. And they won!



Day 362: Adoption 101

Today the hubs and I spent the majority of the day (8:30am-4:30pm) in a class called Adoption 101, the first in a series of classes we are required to take in order to become adoptive parents. It was a fun yet emotionally draining day full of lectures, videos, guest speakers and group exercises. The first thing we did (after we got to see the nursery–currently home to seven babies whose fate has yet to be determined) was an exercise that made the adoption journey much more real.

The front half of the room was asked to find an item on their person (or in their purse) that was of great value to them and hold it in their hand. Most people took off their wedding rings, some people pulled out their phones and others had random objects like glasses or pictures from their wallets. The woman leading the class came around the room with a basket and we had to place our valued items–the hubs and I both chose our rings–in the basket. She then took the basket to the back half of the room and told them to pick out something they wanted. The front of the room was not to look behind them to see what happened to their items. Needless to say, this cause quite a bit of anxiety in the front half of the room.

When asked how they felt about the items, the back half of the room said things like, “It’s beautiful but I’m not sure what to do with it.” and “It isn’t mine.” The front of the room said, “I want my item back.” When asked how I felt about the woman admiring my engagement ring, I said, “Well she seems really nice and I trust her to hold it, but I want it back.”

This experience was meant to simulate the adoption experience. She seems really nice. I trust her to hold it. But I want it back. My words about my ring. Scary when thinking that could apply to a child. However if it were better for my ring to be with that woman. If I couldn’t provide for my ring but the other woman could. If it just wasn’t the right time for me to have a ring. If I could still have a relationship with the ring. It just might be the best thing.

Adoption is the ultimate sacrifice and the ultimate act of love. A woman who chooses to place her child for adoption chooses with a heavy and anxious heart but one full of love for her child. And it becomes the responsibility of the adoptive parents to ensure the child understands this–just one of the take aways from the class.

The rest of the day was really informative–especially the conversation we had with an adoptive family and the birth mother of one of their daughters. They have a great relationship and it was just the perfect image of open adoption at its best. The class left me hopeful for the future and ready to continue moving forward with creating our family through adoption.

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